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In Ken's own words, “For 50 years I have painted landscapes, always fascinated with themes of nature: trees, land and water, the power and color of it all. Through those years, using the styles of realism, impressionism, and abstraction, I have always looked for new interpretations of the landscape.” When Ken is not painting, he enjoys hiking, sailing, climbing, riding--all outdoor activities that allow him to be in nature. "The power of wide-open spaces, especially in the West has always resonated with me. Its huge clouds and ubiquitous mountain ranges never disappoint." 

Quite simply, Ken is always trying to capture movement and energy in his original fine art paintings. Ken has exhibited in group and solo shows in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. He is a graduate of Syracuse University of Fine Art. in 2005 he was featured In Wild Life Art Magazine.

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