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Creating a necklace is not just stringing a pile of beads. The design begins in my head and heart. Growing up I have wonderful memories of my cousin and me playing dress-up and wearing the costume jewelry recovered by our grandfather from the Beverly Hills trash bins. As a teenager, I would use ribbons to decorate an old purse or necktie. As an adult, I always looked forward to travels with my husband so I could find wonderful beads to purchase for my creations. Each necklace I create is designed individually. I study the materials that I might use in the piece. I arrange and rearrange until a design makes me happy. It isn't until then that I begin the stringing process. Then I usually walk away from the piece for several days to be sure that the piece is aesthetically pleasing. Finally, I attach the clasp and the design if ready to sell. I use the highest quality materials in my one-of-a-kind designs. Semi-precious stone beads, freshwater pearls, handmade Venetian glass beads from Italy, handmade Thailand Hill Tribe handmade silver beads, Swarovski crystal beads, sterling silver or gold-filled accent beads, and findings are all a part of my supplies for my creations.

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