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Jacci Weller wins awards because of her meticulous and boldly colorful compositions which bring the living desert to her canvas. Since moving to Moab, Utah 19 years ago, she has explored the high desert, observing the colors and shapes of the rocks, the vibrancy of the light, the wildly diverse flora, the amazing expanse of earth and sky--and finding beauty in the commonplace. Jacci has a BA from UCLA in fine art (drawing and painting) and an MA from California State University at Long Beach in fine art (sculpture). She worked as a public muralist in Los Angeles, taught design and drawing in Oregon, and conducted fiber workshops at the university there. After retiring nine years ago, she was able to return to her art and combine her years of hiking the desert and her creative abilities into a body of work that represents her delight in the natural world that surrounds her. She has shown her original, fine art in galleries throughout the Southwest.

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