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What Time Created

What Time Created

Excluding Sales Tax

This is an oil painting on canvas, 12 x24"

  • About the Artist

    I consider everything art. My home, nature, the desert, animals and people…all are works of art. I approach everything as an artist, and take a creative approach to all that I do.

    I made a decision to live in Arizona when I was 18 years old. I have never regretted that. I love the color and the light of the Sonoran Desert, and spend a good percentage of my week hiking near my home in South Mountain. In the heat of the summer I am on the mountain at 5AM with my dog- and the coyote, owl, javelina and rattlesnake – whoever shows up. Nature preserves all that is precious to us, and I honor nature with my paintings. Arizona is breathtaking and is the inspiration for many of my paintings. I hope to impart to my audience a unique, smile provoking perspective. A friend of mine coined it “Magical Realism” – I like that.

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