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Barbara Kuzara


Barbara will join Tubac Art and Gifts full-time starting January 1, 2024, but we have a few pieces for sale now just to tantalize you.

"It is very good to copy what one sees; it is much better to draw what you can't see anymore but is in your memory...You only reproduce what struck you, that is to say, the necessary." Edgar Degas. My artwork interprets what struck me, the "necessary." I create work that is not an image of what was in front of me, but rather how it made me feel or something I remember about the experience. What is "necessary" to me is translating that feeling or memory into something that will
connect to viewers with an emotion or memory of their own.


As an abstract expressionist, I respond intuitively to what is happening on the canvas or plate (monotypes). When I see an element emerging, I work with it and trust my intuition about color and composition as it happens. With abstract art, there is no content until the viewer puts it there through their interpretation of it. There is a mystery created with abstract art.

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