Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire


Reminiscent of a diorama, this sculpture feels like looking through a window into the natural world. Color is added with a vibrant and transparent auto-body paint. Available with either red or blue birds. This sculpture can hang on the wall as well as sit on a tabletop! Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 2", Limited Production. Weights 1 pound.

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  • About the Artist

    Sondra’s aluminum sculptures have an intimate interaction between shape, shadow, reflection and movement. The use of positive and negative shapes within the intricate cut of her designs cast alluring shadows that interact with the piece itself. Carefully planned out patterns and textures are ground into the surface to reflect light, creating the appearance of movement. Arranging multiple layers of images challenges the spectator to look beyond the surface. This is the hallmark of her work. Many of her pieces have fused glass accents or painted areas to add interest.