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Small Lip Bag - Black

Small Lip Bag - Black

Excluding Sales Tax

Wood and leather wristlet handbag. Carved wooden lips with magnets between lips to close automatically.  Strap measures 6 3/8". Bag measures 5 x 6 inches. All Handmade.

  • About the Artist

    I have always been drawn to the beautiful nature of wood, which began in grade school and progressed throughout my life. I studied at the University of Southern Indiana where I made large sculptures with soft flowing curves sometimes incorporating the human figure. After college I worked at Karges Furniture in my hometown making hand carved furniture for 10 years learning the art of fine carving. About this time I became interested in primitive art of different cultures. While making a reproduction of a primitive rattle from the northwest coast I noticed the rattle sitting upside down on my work table. It was already hollowed out and I thought to myself what a unique handbag it would be. From that thought, came a whole line of Hand Carved Handbags that were what I like to call my little sculptures.

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