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In Full Bloom

In Full Bloom

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In Full Bloom is a beautiful 3 dimensional stained glass sun catcher. It measures 5 inches in diameter and has 15 glass petals in the design. Hang It! Spin It! Or place it on a window ledge!

  • About the Artist

    I am a native of Sydney, Australia, and it was here that I began my formal education in art. In my second year of college I moved to the United States and received my B.F.A. form Bowling Green State University in Ohio. After graduating, I spent the next ten years as Art Director in the field of television. Recognizing the stresses of the advertising world, I took the opportunity to find other forms of artistic expression. My love of Glass was born and I allowed this creative energy to guide me. What evolved were works of art that integrated into our more common understanding of functional living. Drawing upon distinct colors and styles of glass and its specific flow of texture, I treat the glass as a three dimensional canvas and a metamorphosis occurs. Sometimes elements of contemporary and traditional artistic styles are juxtaposed, sometimes they are blended, and other times they are stand-alone.

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