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Fancy Fork Bracelet #3

Fancy Fork Bracelet #3

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This unique bracelet was made from a recycled silver plated dinner fork. The tines are bent into two interlocking hearts. Bracelets have spring hinges for easy wearing. Handle patterns will vary.

  • About the Artist

    As an artist, I give myself two goals: first, to inspire people to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle and second, to reveal the hidden beauty that can be found in places that are often overlooked. I accomplish these goals by creating jewelry and art from 100% recycled materials. I hope to influence everyone who sees my work to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I created my own tools that allow me to bend silverware without damaging the surface. The tools themselves are handmade from recycled materials as well. All of my work is made in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. The art of bending silverware began when my dad unrolled his napkin ring at Holiday’s restaurant in Ann Arbor, MI. Inside was a bent fork. This inspired the first fork angel. Over time, the process evolved and I was drawn to it. My dad taught me this art form and together we have developed it to what you see today.

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