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Andrea Folts is known for her whimsical style and bold use of color in her original fine art paintings. She has shown and sold her work in several galleries, and shops both in and out of the country. Andrea has a passion for animals and nature and as a result is drawn to doing landscapes, animals, and flowers, finding joy in painting the creatures she loves. Over the years Andrea has worked with different mediums, but it is painting with acrylics that she enjoys most.

While living in Mexico Andrea taught herself to paint. The Mayans introduced her to an innocence, and a primitive childlike attitude expressed through their art form. This gave her permission to discover those qualities in herself, that art was not about perfection, but about taking risks, enjoying the process, and remaining positive. Therefore, by letting go she gave herself permission to experiment. “It is my personal belief that art is about imagination and creativity and, I hope my work will move you in some way, and that you will enjoy the color, and the imagination involved in creating each piece.”

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