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Tubac Art Gallery and Handcrafted Gift Shop

unique, handmade, one of a kind art and crafts

Tubac Art and Gifts is a gallery and gift shop in Tubac, Arizona that is all about fine art (original and archival quality giclees) and handcrafted gifts. We think of art as funny, inspiring, deeply moving----it can add color to your walls or dimension to your life. Our current art collection blazes with talent from notable local, regional, (and a few) international artists. Their artwork is modern, sophisticated, and powerful. Our trove of fine handmade crafts and gifts, (including jewelry, pottery, glass art, functional wood art, apparel, bags, clocks, mirrors) and home decor have equal flare—all one-of-a-kind.


Artists include Peter Chope (watercolor), Barbara Kuzara (monoprint/acrylic on canvas), Peggy McGivern (oil and mixed media), Ken Singmaster (acrylic on canvas), Jacci Weller (acrylic), Karol Honeycutt (acrylic), Roberta Rogers (watercolor and acrylic), Lisa Matta Brown (oil), Ouida Touchon (mixed media), Jen Prill (mixed media), Andy Iventosch (pottery), Sandy Baenen (watercolor), Debra Cross (Arizona Scarves), Trimdin Jackets, Desert Steel Yard Art, Elaine Coyne Jewelry, and 100 more!

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Unique original wall art, handcrafted gifts, home decor, yard art, pottery, apparel, kitchen items, greeting cards, giclee prints, decorative pillows...the list is endless!
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