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Wine Bottle Stand

Wine Bottle Stand

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This wine bottle stand represents the best of both worlds: a creative, perfectly functional tool that doubles as an impressive piece of modern design (and a serious conversation starter)! The stand seems to defy physics in offering the most unique possible way to display your finest reds and whites. There’s a very good reason to arrange the bottles at this unusual angle: Storing wines upright can compromise their quality, so a tilted bottle ensures that the flavor will be fresher and better balanced. Each bottle stand is a laser cut out from cherry or occasionally poplar wood. Recycled and re-purpose.

  • About the Artist

    Gregg Palm's love of working with tools and machines has evolved into a true passion. He chooses to be a woodworker because of woods natural beauty, warmth, and infinite variation. All of the woods he uses are the finest available. Utilizing his engineering background, Gregg has taught himself the segmented woodworking technique. He finds true pleasure in cutting the wood into individual segments and assembling them to create his pieces. The various segmented wood pieces are hand glued together much like a puzzle. Gregg finds by combining all the different woods together the design possibilities are endless!

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