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Small Pink Pot

Small Pink Pot

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The glaze is reminiscent of the Art Deco has a crystaline quality that is soft to the touch but luminescent. It is approximately 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide. Each piece is hand built and will vary from the picture, but each will be a unique piece of art.

  • About the Artist

    The fact that clay is such a versatile canvas has intrigued Jen for over forty years.  She likes the fact that it ends up hard and strong but begins pliable. “It can be chiseled or painted. It can be utilitarian or fanciful. And you can never count on what you have until the final firing has its say. ” But it never paid the bills, so for thirty years Jen worked in the field of publishing, eventually running her own company.  Having sold the business several years ago, she traveled and lived in some of the most beautiful desert in the country, always drawn by the curve and softness of rock or the way time etches itself into stone. So once again, Jen started to work with clay and after a few years of experimenting with form and color, she found her “voice” when she moved to Tubac. Jen has a BA from Hollins College in Sociology and a MA from Antioch College in psychology and organizational development. 

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