Quail on Desert Bead


The quail was hand made by the artist and sits on an intricately torched glass bead. Designed as a pendant to put on you own chain to create a totally unique necklace.

  • About the Artist

    As an artist it has taken me a lifetime to find myself. I’ve dabbled in many mediums; nothing seemed to fulfill my desire to create. One faithful day, I was introduced to a torch and long slender rods of glass…glass in all the colors of the rainbow and more! It was that moment I began to associate myself with the world of lampworking. I read and studied and came back to the same torch as often as my time would allow. I melted glass and watched as the glow of the gather touched something inside me.

    Lampworking has allowed me to create jewelry; bringing together various metal clays, steel, silver and found objects. Each new technique I learn inspires me to find a way to make it my own. What was once an unknown world to me has now become the path to my creative venture. Lampworking has helped me find the authentic artist within myself.