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Orange Last Light

Orange Last Light

Excluding Sales Tax

Rarely do we get originals from Victor Steven-Rosenberg, but we currently have a few done in 2019. And they are amazing. Orange Last Light is an original acrylic on canvas, 20x22. It is a powerful and convincing abstract. The edges are not finished, a look some prefer, but if you would like them painted, Victor will be happy to accommodate. Otherwise the painting can be easily framed.

  • About the Artist

    Every one of Victor Steven Rosenberg's paintings is a journey--not even he knows where each expedition will end. “Every artist must have an over-arching reason to paint,” Victor declares passionately. “For me, the reason I paint is to discover.” Victor’s process often allows compositions to develop organically without initial sketches. Each canvas becomes the painting it should, without following a micro-managed plan. Shaping and molding the canvas, conducting an orchestra of different colors and brushes; discovering substance, ignoring the arbitrary, Victor forges within plasticity until something ‘magical’ happens, a completed work of art. Victor’s work has won awards in various juried competitions including “Best of Show”

    and he has had numerous one man shows. His painterly explorations can be found in private and public collections worldwide. Universal in scope with a southwest flavor due to the power of his environment, Victor’s art ranges from landscapes to shamanic figures in originals and limited edition giclee prints. Victor’s relationship with the Sonoran Desert doesn’t engulf his art, but instead subtlety supports his vision.

  • Price in Gallery is $1450

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