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Our Wile E. Wood™ art pieces are made with semi-translucent, all-weather UV protected ink sprayed into kiln dried wood which allows the knots and grains of the wood to interact with the art creating an unique interplay of color and texture. They make wonderful additions for kitchens, kid’s rooms, patios, pool areas, or just about anywhere else you can think of, inside or out. 

This piece is 14 x 20, made out of individual kiln dried wooden boards, giving it unique coloring, grains, and knots. You can hang the piece inside or outside year round in all weather, no coating needed! Our process is environmentally friendly, since our inks are non-toxic and we use a excellent renewable resource for our canvas… Wood! The vertical wood boards are mounted to 2 horizontal solid wood boards with an industrial strength polyurethane exterior construction adhesive. The piece has hanging hardware secured on the back and is ready to be put up on any wall!

  • About the Artist

    I've been in the graphics business for 25 years and developed the Gizaun Art process developing art for a large winery. I combined my arts, graphics and woodworking background to develop this art form. We've only being doing this since February of 2010 and have nearly 50 dealers. Our art sells through garden centers (because it can stay outside year round), gift shops, furniture stores, hardware stores, interior and exterior designers.

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