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Blue Nose

Blue Nose

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This statue is made from a curvy gourd with a turquoise stone nose, and a small crown of feathers. It stands 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide.

  • About the Artist

    Born and raised in Oakland, California, Diane

    grew up in a family where art work was always

    in progress. With family encouragement, she majored in fine art while attending community college. Diane pursed numerous art forms over the years, discovering gourd art in 1997. After retiring and moving to Arizona in 1998, she was able to devote much more time to her art.

    “Gourds are always offering a new challenge, with their varying shapes and color patterns. I try to embody the spirit of the gourd with my treatment just as Hopi katsinas embody the spirit of all things. The natural beauty Mother Nature gives the gourd inspires my designs.” Natural feathers, botanical materials, and stones are used to enhance the inherent beauty of the gourds. Diane is active in a number of gourd organizations and is an American Gourd Society Certified Judge. The artist has won several awards at the Pima County Fair, AZ State Fair, and AZ Gourd Festival.

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