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Alligator Juniper Green Bowl Small

Alligator Juniper Green Bowl Small

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This handturned bowl has a silky smooth surface, illuminating a brilliant wood grain, and a lovely accent of turquoise in the center. Alligator juniper is a hard wood making the piece durable enough to a key or ring bowl. It is also food safe, finished with a non-toxic varnish making the bowl an ideal nut or candy dish.

  • About the Artist

    Although both of his grandfathers were woodturners, Steve was late to explore the craft in a serious way. His professional expertise is in metal crafting, bronze casting for the yacht and fine craft markets, and metal fabrication for custom residential architecture. When he and his wife, Mimi, came to Arizona in 2001, they embarked on an exploration of all of the
    native woods of the state, building a collection of turned wooden vessels of the many different species. This project allowed him to develop the turning skills and knowledge to express the diverse properties and personalities of these various woods on the wood lathe. Presently, Steve is focusing all of his woodworking efforts on a single species, the Alligator Juniper, discovering new delights daily in this lovely, underappreciated wood.

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